About Us

It was a small step taken 6 years ago. Scholars have become the talk of the city of Mainpuri which was once recognized only as an 'Nk College' in Mainpuri. Just a little over a decade down the line and we are now Nk Group Of Education & Sports. NK Group of Education and Sports has been providing quality education since 2012 imparting professional and technical skills as per the required industry standards to enhance career opportunities in various industries.

Nk Group

The Society, under its aegis, has been running a Group of Institutes named- Nk Group of Education & Sports. That are-

1 - Nk College
2 - Nk Scrabble
3 - Nk Shiksha
4 - Nk Educational Academy

Our History

We the "Nk Group of Education & Sports" is under by Ch. Suraj Singh Yadav Charitable Trust.


Under the aegis of Ch. Suraj Singh Yadav Charitable Trust, Mainpuri, Nk Group of Education & Sports has succeeded in establishing Center of Excellence in higher education for preparing globally competent and professionals with managerial skills and knowledge, positive attitude and ethical values to serve the mankind for the socio-economic development through technological intervention.

We, at Nk Group of Education & Sports, always aim to create dynamic and synergistic center of excellence empowering young minds to attain global competencies. We firmly believe: “Education cannot be imposed on pupil, but a “desire” to learn should be awakened first”. Learning is something happening inside YOU, that awakens the mind, flexes your mental powers, sensitizes your awareness, arouses your appreciation, raises your sights and your insights.

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